Biography of Norwegian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NSAPS)

The Norwegian Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery (NSAP) was established as a sub-association of the Norwegian Association of Plastic surgery in 1984.  It was organized shortly after the first Scandinavian Aesthetic Surgery Course, held in Oslo, Norway. The society was lead by Gorm Bretteville MD with Roald Rindahl MD and Morten Kveim MD, PhD in the board.

The aim of the society is to strive for highest standards, professional as well as ethical, within the field of aesthetic surgery. The society is to safeguard the interests of the discipline regarding both science and profession, and to contribute to information concerning cosmetic surgery.

A full membership presupposes official Norwegian approval as a specialist in plastic surgery, a minimum of five years’ experience within the field accompanied by experience and knowledge of cosmetic surgery and a recommendation from two members of the society. Interested foreign plastic surgeons may be elected as corresponding members.

The society is proud of recently signing a collaboration agreement with the American Society of Aesthetic plastic surgery and ASJ. The society currently has 53 active members and is lead by Bjørn E. Rosenberg MD, with Christian Busch MD, PhD and Amin Kalaaji MD, PhD in the board.